Thursday, June 08, 2006


1. Lets you search all your emails the way Google searches (type in any word that the email contains), which eliminates the need for folders and clears out your inbox.
2. Built-in Google chat with other gmail users (no need to download a separate program like msn, so it's great for quick chatting at work!).
3. Autosaves drafts while you type (no more crying over lost ten-page emails).
4. Autosaves all sent mail.
5. Incoming mail with photos lets you see the pictures right in the email, without having to click a separate download button.
6. Autosaves and autotypes every email address you've sent to or received from.

Vileda Mop

1. Great for washing walls as well as floors.
2. Jointed multi-directional head (Mamacat, stop laughing) allows you to reach every corner.
3. Cloth pad snaps off for machine washing.
4. The handle can be set to different lengths.